Word Girl Child Costume


Word Girl Child Costume

The Power of the ParagraphCan you imagine being a superhero in grade school? Superhuman strength and speed would be tough to hide from all your friends. Can you imagine how hard it would be to hold back in gym class? Then again, if a kid had the power of a super vocabulary, at least they could let that power flow in their day-to-day. No one would assume they came from a different planet, they would just assume the grade-schooler was well-read. While Word Girl might not be able to describe her adventures fighting crime during summer vacation, she would be able to describe her trip to the pool as invigorating, cooling, and restoring and her family’s road trip as broiling, populous, and sometimes irascible. Sure, maybe she shouldn’t punt the kickball through the gym wall but her word game is always allowed to knock her homework out of the park. Design & DetailsThis costume is ready for superhero action. Fully licensed, your little one will feel like a hero that’s straight from her favorite PBS show. The costume features a red jumpsuit with bright accents and attached boot covers that loop over your kiddo’s shoes. A yellow cape is attached to the shoulders of the suit while the red headpiece secures under the chin with a hook and loop strip. The costume is cinched in the middle with a soft material that’s sewn to look like the one on TV. Topped off with a pair of gloves and a big vocabulary, this Word Girl costume is sure to make your kiddo smile this Halloween. Monkeying AroundAre you ready to see your little one jump into a new, heroic persona? While you might not want to adopt a monkey for a captain sidekick, you can always dress up your youngest as a monkey to make this dynamic duo complete!

Brain Power! With this Child Word Girl Costume!

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