Women’s Wild Flower 70s Disco Dress Costume


Women’s Wild Flower 70s Disco Dress Costume

Women's Wild Flower 70s Disco Dress Costume

It’s All HappeningIt’s time to free yourself! No more stuffy business attire, no more following social norms, no more working for “the man.” It’s time to liberate yourself from society’s expectations and do what you want to do: its the 1970s way of living life and we want you to live with a capital “L.” If you want to spend endless hours playing ABBA in an open field and dancing hand-in-hand with your best friends, taking little breaks to make flower crowns and to hitchhike to the nearest convenience store for more cans of Tab soda, then we support you! (Mmmm Tab soda.)We can’t turn back the hands of time to make it 1975 again (we wish we were that powerful) but we can supply you with a costume to make you feel like you’re living in this glorious era. The 70s wildflower dress will splash a dose of color into your world to make it go from gray to filled with color, literally and figuratively.         Product DetailsIt’s time to showcase your best 70s inspired dance moves while you’re wearing this funky-fabulous dress. The short hemline, scoop neckline, and belled sleeves all create one flattering and comfortable costume. The mini dress is covered in blue and green flowers and it’s also expertly made since it’s a Made by Us design. It’s crafted from high-quality material and made to last. The coordinating headband is included with the mini dress and completes the ensemble. Now you’re completely covered in wildflowers and ready for a day of doing whatever you want. (Go get that ABBA record of yours!)Peace, Love, and All the FixingsThrow up a peace sign and accent it with peace sign jewelry. Add a necklace, earrings, and shades to the ensemble to accentuate the 70s vibe. Don’t forget to add a pair of go-go boots to the cart for a head-to-toe 70s look.     

Get far out with our Women’s Wild Flower 70s Disco Dress Costume. This short dress features blue and green flowers with flared sleeves.

SAS ID: 38286

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