Women’s White Baby Doll Heels


Women’s White Baby Doll Heels

All women need shoes. And yeah you have running shoes, and comfortable flats. You have a pair of Toms, and a pair of Uggs for your lazy days (and when you have to take the trash out). You have a pair of black heels that go with your LBS. And you absolutely have a pair of glitter stilettos for going clubbing. But you are still missing a pair to match your summer dresses.These Women’s White Baby Doll Heels will match all your light summery dresses. You will look fantastic for your first date at the Original Malt Shop with that guy you met at the bakery. Your yellow dress with white polka dots will be accentuated by the lovely baby doll heels. And you can also pair them with your sensuous nurse costume for Halloween, or even with your distressed looking skinny jeans.

Add this pair of white baby doll heels to your costume or any other fun outfit for a polished look.

SAS ID: 38286

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