Womens Villanous Madam Wig


Womens Villanous Madam Wig

BLACK & WHITE & A MILLION SHADES IN BETWEENShe’s not entirely bad, she just likes the finer things in life. Does that make her a villain? We don’t think so. Her fondness for fur, fashion and extreme hairdos is cool. There’s far worse things she could be preoccupied with, like how to steal over 100 puppies, skin them for their coats and proudly wear them all around town. Don’t worry, she’s not really going to do that, she’ll just think about it and pretend to do it on Halloween. Nothing wrong with that! Whatever dark thoughts you’ve been mulling over, entertain them on Halloween. Wear the women’s villainous madam wig and get in touch with your dark side just for an evening. This wig disguises the “you” everyone is use to seeing in a temporary fashion. Style it the way you’d like then scheme away— just please, stay away from our dog!       PRODUCT DETAILSThe women’s villainous madam wig is a Made by Us creation so it’s high-quality and high-fashion. The synthetic shoulder-length hair is slightly wavey and parted with one side colored white and the other black. This wig certainly stops traffic by itself but consider adding a faux fur stole for a more extravagant final look.

Being cruel doesn’t mean you cant be stylish! Complete your dalmatian snatcher costume with this Women’s Villanous Madam Wig!

SAS ID: 38286

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