Women’s Sweet Girl Power Wig


Women’s Sweet Girl Power Wig

Obstacles to StardomHow does a person leap from their regular life into one of fame? Well, everyone gets their fifteen minutes, so they say, but you might need to go a little further. Who wants a dash of spice when you can spice up your entire world!? We know that you’ve got the drive, the ambition, the skills, and the go-get-em attitude. We just need that opportunity to show up. And who has any chance of hearing that knocking door when they’ve got hair in their ears? It’s tough enough when opportunity chooses to just make tiny little barely audible raps on the frame. To make sure you’re ready to answer the call, we’ve got a few tricks! Design & DetailsMake sure you can feel the breeze on your neck and hear all the cheers that will be coming through that door when you wear this Sweet Girl Power wig. It is a blonde look styled with high pigtails and long bangs. Such a styled look could take hours but this wig cap makes you ready in a snap. Chase Your DreamsYou won’t even need to wait for opportunity to show up when you’ve got your hands free to knock the door down on your own. This peppy blonde wig won’t change the person within, but it’ll free up your hands so you can put up those dukes!

Accessorize your sweet pop star look with the Women’s Sweet Girl Power Wig.

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