Womens Sweet Alice Costume


Womens Sweet Alice Costume

Ready for the Wonder FallThe daily commute. Pleasantries exchanged over stale coffee. Boring afternoon meetings. Dinners made in thirty minutes or less. Watching sitcoms on the couch. Wouldn’t it be nice to inject a little wonder into your life? What if, instead of working for the man, you followed the white rabbit? Your journey to Wonderland doesn’t have to be forever. Your adventure can just be for an evening. But who knows what you’ll see when you’re looking out from Alice’s perspective? From mad tea parties to playing a dangerous game of croquet with the Red Queen, your version of Alice is sure to take Wonderland by force!Details & DesignWith bright and poppy colors and a flattering fit, this Made by Us Alice costume will always stand apart from the crowd. Our in-house designers took the original Alice in Wonderland dress and added a little rockabilly twist for an extra dose of fun. The top’s collar clasps at the front and has a daring keyhole neckline. An apron ties in a large bow at the back. While a petticoat will give the skirt extra pop, the flared design has plenty of twirl factor. Little details like the ruffles on the shoulders and rickrack trim make this dress a total treat to wear. A Whole Lot of CharacterThis costume doesn’t have to be limited to Halloween parties! Wear this high-quality costume again for a themed party. If you’re looking to head down the rabbit hole with a group of friends, they’ve got a lot of options when it comes to Wonderland characters. Your regal friend can choose her favorite version of our Made by Us Queen of Hearts costume. Or the wild card in your group can choose one our Mad Hatter looks. Just remember to stop and smell the singing roses. They really know how to spill the Wonderland tea. 

Head down the rabbit hole wearing this exclusive Women’s Sweet Alice Costume! This sexy costume is sure to make the Hatter mad!

SAS ID: 38286

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