Women’s Sugar Skull Senorita Costume


Women’s Sugar Skull Senorita Costume

Women's Sugar Skull Senorita Costume

Sometimes when everybody has a hollowed out skull on their head at the party, it’s really hard to get too many eyes on you. But when you’re the sugar skull senorita, you’ll have necks breaking to see you and a few eyes popping right out. Even if there was still skin to hold their jaws up, they would drop straight to the floor. We put the word “sugar” in the name for a couple of different reasons. The first is because during the Day of the Dead festival, sugar skulls are little candy skulls painted kind of like Easter eggs only slightly sweeter, and with a little different artwork. The other reason is our lady of the dead is so gorgeous we like to think she really is sweet as candy. Sure, her outfit is mostly black, but the lace is a wonderful touch that has everyone rising from the grave to see her and that splash of bright marigolds are a wonderful offset to the darker colors. Did you know that marigolds have special meaning to the festival? They’re used to guide the dead home to visit their living friends and family.The living and the dead won’t need too much guidance coming to you when you’re dolled up in a delicious costume like this one. The costume comes complete with a detailed dress that features lace and marigolds. A headband is also included for added detail. We’ve got tons of face paint and masks for you to perfect your look as well. We know you’re going to nail that perfect look between spooky, and alluring.

This women’s senorita halter costume dress features a sugar skull print and lace detailing.

SAS ID: 38286

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