Women’s Sugar Skull Costume


Women’s Sugar Skull Costume

Women's Sugar Skull Costume

Spirited DecisionsWhat would you do if you had one night to visit the living as a soul that’s gone beyond the veil? This might seem like a strange query but it’s one worth considering. So many souls simply squander their first Day of the Dead when they could have been making the most of it. The souls get distracted by doing ghostly things like walking through walls and sending chills through the bodies of the living. The thing is, if a soul focuses and gets home on the Day of the Dead then they’ll be greeted with a wonderful feast and a party that’s just for them! Imagine sleeping for a year and waking up to see that your family hasn’t forgotten you. They’re waiting. The candles are lit, your favorite music is playing, your drink of choice is on the table. What a wonderful feeling! It would be a pity to spend the night playing deathly party tricks like floating into bank vaults and movie theaters instead. Design & DetailsWant a colorful take on a Day of the Dead costume? This Made by Us costume is both charming and perfectly seasonal. The top has off-the-shoulder sleeves that are inspired by Tabasco style dresses. The sleeves bear a skull and flower pattern that’s repeated on the hem of the dress as well as a pattern of bones and black lace trim. The wide skirt is cinched in with a red sash belt that features skeletal hands to keep the look macabre. You’ll be ready to waltz into your seasonal celebrations!Fearless FestivitiesThough Day of the Dead boasts endless skulls and skeletons, this is a festival that celebrates both life and what might come afterward. so light the candles. Paint sugar skull makeup on your face. And make enough noise to wake the dead. It’s time they came for a visit!

Get ready to celebrate the Day of the Dead with our Women’s Sugar Skull Costume. This traditional dress will get the party started.

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