Women’s Storybook Bombshell Costume


Women’s Storybook Bombshell Costume

Next ChapterWe know the story of this well-read princess. She grew up in a provincial village where no one else enjoyed reading. When her Pops vanished she went to find him and wound up playing house guest to a beastly prince. She fell in love despite his appearance and broke a twenty-year curse, freeing his objectified servants in the process. Hurray! But what’s next for her? What will they do? Will they travel the world, gathering ancient books and artifacts, learning more and more year after year? Will they start a literacy program in her home village? Maybe they’ll even bankroll her inventor father to get some of his wild machines up and rolling. Who wouldn’t love to have a log chopper in the back yard? Now you get to write the next chapter when you slip into this modern take on this storybook princess’s gown!Product DetailsThis is the golden gown you’ve been admiring since you were a kid, with a clubbing-friendly look! The dress is supported with clear straps and has off-shoulder sleeves and a deep neckline. The flouncy golden drapery will make you feel absolutely ready for the ball. The bodice zips up the back and has a sparkly center panel that falls down to the hem. An overskirt drapes around your hip with a rose on the side to add extra elegance to this sexy royal costume!New and a Bit AlarmingNow, some people might be a bit alarmed by this storybook princess’s new look but we get it. Every princess has to grow up if she really wants to have a happy ending! You’ll be ready to have a ball once you zip into this lovely costume. Whether you’re heading out with a beastly date or going out solo, this fairy tale costume is sure to inspire a Halloween that ends happily ever after!

If you are looking to wow the crowd, check out this Women’s Storybook Bombshell Costume. This yellow dress will definitely gather some attention.

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