Women’s Spooky Board Beauty Costume


Women’s Spooky Board Beauty Costume

SPIRITUAL WORDS ON HANDThere’s one problem with an Ouija Board. No, it isn’t the dangers that come from angry spirits bringing curses to those who lay their hands upon the mysterious letters. It isn’t the fear of learning truths from beyond the veil that you simply aren’t ready to hear. No, understanding what secret the spiritual realm hides is something that you’re confident enough to confront; we can tell that! How about the fact that touching the spiritual gauntlet can call beings other than what you intended to come to visit and escape into the world of the living? Well, that’s a bit spooky, but nothing you can’t handle! The biggest problem of the Spirit Board is that it’s tough to transport! You’ve got to pack the whole thing up and make sure that you never lose the Eye that helps you translate the messages from the beyond. One slip up at the energy of the board is disrupted and that Eye might vanish forever! If only the thing were easier to keep with you… PRODUCT DETAILSBring the power of the spirit board to bear when you wear this spectacularly spooky Ouija Board Beauty costume. This is a lovely dress look that was inspired by the look of a spirit board. The black dress drops to your knees and features billowing lacy shoulders. The hem has a layer of red fringe. Of course, the real magic of this dress is the alphabet in fantastic print on the front. Bring a Spirit Eye necklace and you’ll be ready to chat with the specters at any moment! A TRAVELING GYPSYWhen you have this Spooky Board Beauty costume, you’ll be able to take to the streets and tell the future for all! Perfect for your fortune teller disguise or just for a mystical twist on a comfortable dress. 

This costume isn’t just deadly for it’s looks, the Women’s Spooky Board Beauty Costume is sure to conjure up some scares on Halloween!

SAS ID: 38286

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