Women’s Spider-Gwen Costume


Women’s Spider-Gwen Costume

Want to crawl to the top of the tallest skyscraper then do a backflip off the side of the building? Then how about you plunge down about 50 to 60 feet before slinging webs and swinging through the city? Wow! Wouldn’t that be the ride of a lifetime? But what would one wear for such a feat? Hmmm… Oh, we know! Why not this Women’s Spider-Gwen Costume!You can look just like everyone’s favorite web-head from Earth-65! As we are sure you already know, Spider-Gwen comes into existence in an alternate reality where instead of Peter Parker getting bit by a radioactive spider, Gwen Stacy does! What a twist, right? There are a lot more interesting alterations that take place in that reality, including the costume design! Gwen didn’t design her costume after the traditional red and blue spidey-suit, no she had a much different and original look in mind. Her superhero costume is primarily black and white with accents of pink and purple on the arms and the inside of her hood. That’s right, she has a hood! Parker never thought of that in all those years of littering the city with his webbing. She does, however, have an eye mask that still has the traditional eye lenses Peter sported back in 1962.Eye lenses aside, this new spidey-hero look is an Amazing Fantasy come to life! Grab a pair of white gloves and some blue sneakers and complete this heroic look! Then, all you need to do is break into a lab, let some of those radioactive spiders nibble on your neck, and BOOM you’re ready to save the day!

This is an officially licensed Women’s Spider-Gwen Costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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