Women’s Spell Casting School Girl Costume


Women’s Spell Casting School Girl Costume

The Wisdom of the WandThere are a lot of lessons to learn when you’re emerging yourself in magic. You have to be super patient. You can’t give up even when certain spells are frustrating you. Maybe you can’t transform into a cat right away. Maybe at first you simply grow eyes or your voice gains a purring quality. And yes, your classmates might be able to transform before you. When that happens just remember all the things you rocked immediately. You disarmed your friend’s wand on the first try. You could easily call your books from across the room. You even rocked at riding the broomstick in twenty-four hours. So just remember when you reach a magical hiccup, part of the wisdom of the wand is all about the human skills of patience and confidence. Get the right witchy look with this sleek, sultry ensemble. Anything is possible when you’ve got the right amount of confidence. Product DetailsSwitch from the standard student uniform with this sassy magical student costume. You’ll feel like a boss in the maroon and gold trimmed crop top with pocket and shield details. The cape is brought together with a tiny tie and sassy white collar. And of course, you simply can’t go to boarding school without the classic pleated skirt! With a high waist and gold detail, you’ll feel smart immediately!A+ AlacazamsAre you ready to graduate with honors? You’re sure to excel in whatever you do when you’re wearing this lovely ensemble. Whether you’re whipping up a potion or you’re spinning a wand to create a spell. Finish off this look with a pair of thigh highs for a classic school girl look and a wand to emphasize your magical side. Whether you’re going to a themed party or heading out for Halloween, you’re sure to love how enchanting you feel this spooky season!

Go back to Wizarding school with this Spell Casting School Girl Costume. You’ll be casting spells on everyone who lays eyes on you. So grab your books and make your way to the classroom.

SAS ID: 38286

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