Women’s Slave Boots


Women’s Slave Boots

It’s time to upgrade your slave wardrobe! You’re about to go from being a drab servant to looking like one stylish slave. We didn’t think it was possible either, that is until we found these boots. No more walking around barefoot. No more stubbing your toes and no more dirty feet. With these boots, anything is possible. You could leave your slave days in the past and walk your way to a brighter future. Who knows, maybe these boots will lead to a closet full of shoes one day? These slave boots for women will make your slave costume stand out when paired with your Grecian slave. Just slip these soft brown suede boots on and step out for a fun night. The gold detailing on the front and opening of these shoes will look great with the gold accents on your costume. You could also use these boots in the future for a number of different costumes like a gladiator or warrior costume.

This pair of Women’s Slave Boots will help you get every detail right when you complete your costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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