Women’s Sequined Devil Costume


Women’s Sequined Devil Costume

Fiendish FriendsWe know all know that heaven and hell are pretty competitive. But recently, their recruiters have been ramping things up. First, hell opened an Instagram account and posted about their annual chili cookoff. Then heaven’s representatives started up their own. Their first post showed their laidback office with their kombucha on tap and pool table right in the middle of the office. It’s been like this for month’s now. Back and forth, back and forth. But in the end, the people behind the scenes know that the imps down in hell are much more laid back. Each layer of hell is funnier than the next with epic pranks, themed parties, and a flexible schedule with plenty of time to go to the surface and spread fear on the earthly plane. Basically, hell is where all the cool creatures work. Details & DesignLooking for a different take on a classic costume? This Made by Us devil really knows how to dazzle. The sequined leotard zips up the front into a scooping neckline to make sure changing and bathroom breaks are easy. The hood with its devil horns adds a trendy twist while the faux leather tail and wings make this look timeless and instantly recognizable. All in one piece, you’re sure to successfully stir up plenty of trouble once you zip into this look.Hell’s BellesWhile angels are nice and all, nothing is quite as exciting as a few imps fresh out of the mouth of hell. Sure, they might cause some serious mayhem but they’re never boring! Want to spread pandemonium with a group? We have a full range of devil and demon costumes for men, women, children, and a full range of sizes. Now, all you have to do is recruit a few souls. That shouldn’t be hard for you, right?

Show off your devilish side in the Women’s Sequined Devil Costume!

SAS ID: 38286

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