Womens Salty Sea Pirate Costume


Womens Salty Sea Pirate Costume

Cool with the CrewIt’s not always easy to rise to the top of the popularity scale on a pirate ship. Pirates are famously ornery. Maybe it’s the sun, salt water, or having to eat hard tack for every meal but it doesn’t take much to get on their list. You make one too many peg leg jokes and One-legged Jack will have you standing on the plank by the end of the week. But if you’re too goody-goody it might be a problem as well. You can’t be using a napkin, fork, and knife when you’re eating your grease grits and salt pork. But this salty pirate knows how to walk the line. She’s sassy with the people that like her to be sassy. She’s nice to the cook, polite to the captain. She just knows how to get all her shipmates to like her but you could probably tell that from her outfit, right?Details & DesignThis Made by Us pirate costume is a lot of fun with sassy stripes, elegant flowing sleeves, and just the right amount of ruffles. The featured pants are high waisted to complement your midriff top just right. The high-waisted pants have an elastic waist to help them fit just right. Our designers also created a gold trimmed midriff top with a scooped ruffled blouse neckline. It’s paired with faux leather cuffs that fit on your upper arms and are bedecked with gorgeous flowing ivory sleeves. Star on StarboardWant to make your pirate costume as unique as you are? You have so many options when it comes to accessorizing. Keep it tough with an eye patch, sword, or even a few scars. Feel fabulous with jewelry, a scarf, or even a gorgeous feather-trimmed captain’s hat. Make it what you want it, this pirate costume commandeer everyone’s attention! 

Yell “hit the deck!” and watch those scurvy pirates take direction! Wearing this exclusive Women’s Salty Sea Pirate Costume you are sure to be in charge!

SAS ID: 38286

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