Women’s Rainbow Brite Costume


Women’s Rainbow Brite Costume

Women's Rainbow Brite Costume

WHERE THE COLOR COMES FROMIf you’re trying to stand out and gleam in color that nobody else can possibly match, there’s only one place to go.  Rainbow Land is literally where it all comes from, mined out of the caves by quirky Sprites and spread throughout the world on the back of a pegasus by the chief detective and color-spreader, herself, Rainbow Brite. Thanks to her magical belt and a conjured rainbow of energy, we all get to live in a world where we can even ask why the sky is blue! Now, we’re not precisely sure where Rainbow Land is located. We suspected it might be somewhere between the cloud kingdom that a certain leaping plumber visits on occasion or perhaps the domain of the cuddly teddy bears that also fire off rainbows to ensure that cheer is spread across the world. If only we could get a hold of the gal who is in charge and maybe she can help us get our hands on that extra colorful blasts to ensure that our looks literally shine! DESIGN & DETAILSUntil we’re ready to tackle the source of all color, we can still ensure that you’re feeling like a true rainbow wielder with this officially licensed Rainbow Brite Costume. This exclusive look features a short blue dress with high shoulders, a V-neck, and rainbow sleeves as well as an embroidered rainbow belt and suspender combo. The leg warmers match the sleeves and have a top border of white fur. The fingerless gloves feature a yellow star embroidery and the choker is bright yellow with red printed stars that match the neckline of the dress. Finish off with a bright purple hair bow and you’ll find that all the colors are yours to bare!  A BLAST OF COLOREnsure that your look is always topping the color chart when you’re in this exclusive Rainbow Brite look. You might not be firing out actual blasts of rainbow energy, but you will definitely leave folks believing that Rainbow Land is real! 

Bring Rainbow Brite to life this Halloween with this exclusive women’s costume from the animated television series that you won’t find anywhere else that features a blue dress accented with a rainbow and matching stripes, leg warmers, and bow.

SAS ID: 38286

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