Women’s Princess Aurora Costume


Women’s Princess Aurora Costume

We think you’ve had more than enough beauty sleep over the last few months, and you’re finally ready to be the prettiest Disney Princess to ever appear on the big screen! That’s right, you are totally ready to be Princess Aurora this year for Halloween… or even if you just want to always walk around with a rather regal look, honestly, we think you can get away with it!So throw those pajamas in the dirty-clothes bin, slip into this lovely pink satin dress, and say ‘goodbye’ to Sleeping Beauty and ‘hello’ to Princess Aurora! Once you see yourself in the mirror with this dress on, you’ll swear that there must be a good fairy or two watching over you… well, you actually have a whole company full of good fairies here at HalloweenCostumes.com, and we will do everything in our power to make your night absolutely magical! Starting with this beautiful dress! It is designed after the dress Aurora wore in the Disney classic during her first dance with Prince Philip. Although we can’t have the dress magically change colors while you’re on the dance floor, we have made the dress a lovely blend of pink hues. You will look majestic as you serve everyone on the dancefloor with your latest breakdancing moves, or if ballroom dancing is more your thing, you’ll still look pretty elegant. Don’t worry about buying a tiara, this dress will come with a comfortable felt one that you can wear at costume events. You wouldn’t want to lose an actual tiara during some serious headbanging, right?As your team of good fairies, we’d like to say with pride that you will be more than ready for the night of your life with this Princess Aurora Costume. You don’t even need accessories, but some fancy footwear and a few rings to add bling never hurt any princess.

This is a women’s Princess Aurora floor length pink gown costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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