Women’s Pretty Polar Bear Costume


Women’s Pretty Polar Bear Costume

WELCOME TO THE DEEP FREEZEWhen in deep discussion on the polar bear topic, (lots of unconventional things are talked about here in the office), usually people comment on their crisp, white fur and colossal bodies. “Wow, they look so majestic,” one co-worker will say while another gushes over how a polar bear camouflages into their surroundings. Ourselves, on the other hand, will usually focus on different polar bear traits. First off, we like to call these enchanting creatures ice bears because it sounds way cooler than ‘polar bears.’ Also, if you’re in the Arctic on vacation, don’t mess with these beasts. They mean business and they don’t have time for silly games. They have to be tough in order to survive! They’re not tumbling down hills with penguin pals like in those holiday soft drink commercials; they’re riding across freezing oceans on icebergs, trying to avoid hungry humpback whales lunging out of the water for a mid-afternoon snack. Polar Bears live on the edge, ready to throw down if someone threatens their turf.When you’re in the women’s pretty polar bear costume, you’ll feel beautiful and strong. No one dares to mess with the lady disguised as an ice bear! Grrrrrr! And if the situation arises where you find yourself toe-to-toe with a humpback whale? Stand your ground girl, you’ve got this!      PRODUCT DETAILSThe women’s pretty polar bear costume is a Made by Us design, meaning it’s high-quality with impeccable craftsmanship and detail. The furry romper contains a full zipper in the front and an attached bear-ear hood in the back. A pair of coordinating paw mitts come with the costume to complete the look. TAKE THE POLAR PLUNGE Polar bears like being cold, but maybe you don’t! Pair opaque, white tights with this romper-style costume to help stay warm throughout the night.   

You’ll be looking cute enough to melt the ice in the Women’s Pretty Polar Bear Costume!

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