Women’s Pretty Pixie Costume


Women’s Pretty Pixie Costume

Women's Pretty Pixie Costume

Garden Party of the CenturyWhen was the last time you went to a garden party? There’s a chance that you have never been to a garden party. And here’s the thing, there’s a reason for that! Garden parties have plummeted in popularity since the Victorian Era. This isn’t because garden parties are boring, it’s because people can’t afford to have huge estates and keep up bushy labyrinths anymore. And yet, we’d like to bring it back. Unknown to us full-size humans, fairies have been keeping up the garden party while we’ve been slacking. They make sure the flowers are bumping, the water is gurgling in the fountains, and there are plenty of delicious drinks being served in acorn cups. So, you might not have access to a giant garden but you can bring the bright wonder of a fairy’s garden party back to the public eye. All you need is a little pixie dust to bring garden party feels into the limelight.Product DetailsYou’ll feel like you’re ready to take flight in this sweet, sparkly green dress. The top has a dramatic, peaked neckline with clear straps and a back zipper, giving you security without ruining your look. The skirt has a fresh green background and a sparkly sheer overlay to give you a fairy air. And of course, your look wouldn’t be complete without wings! The wings are made with sheer, sparkly fabric and have green edging. Looking Fly made easyAre you ready to take flight? This sweet green dress will make you feel like everyone’s image of a classic fairy, all you need now is a wand to work some garden magic. Whether you’re dressing up for a themed party, a music festival, or Halloween, this ensemble is sure to add a little more magic into your life. So get ready to take off, you’re sure to have a “fairy” good time!

You can flutter around sprinkling pixie dust in this Women’s Pretty Pixie Costume! This magical look features a set of beautiful fairy wings.

SAS ID: 38286

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