Women’s Police Shirt


Women’s Police Shirt

Don’t Call Me ShirleyYou’re serious. You’re very serious. Someone has to hold true to the rules! People have been embracing chaos for way too long these days. Rules and laws are put in place for a reason. If there’s a stay off the grass sign, it’s cause millions of little plants are trying to live their lives and grow. Someone who disregards the rules and the quality of life for all these plants just cause they want to save half a minute needs people like you to cross your arms and glare at them. Maybe you could even ask, “Happy now?” as you point to the suffering plants in the yard. Yes, you’re serious. And your name isn’t Shirley. Follow the rules and those short cut loving lazies won’t have to deal with your wrath. Details and DesignThis button-up Police shirt is the perfect way to put together your own Police costume. Our in house designers put together a professional look with badges on the chest. There’s a Police patch on one side and a colorful Police shield on the other. The collared shirt has short sleeves and falls past the waist to mix and match your look. Law-some LookYou’ve already got a great look. Pair it with a Police hat, nightstick, and badge to make it a bit more flashy. Finish the look with black pants or a pencil skirt and you’ll be ready to step out in the name of the law. Want to pair up with a few friends to make sure your Halloween night is one for the books? Pair up with a cat burglar to turn your Halloween pictures into a game of cops and robbers. Or team up with other law-abiding officers or even an FBI agent to get to the bottom of a Halloween mystery. Rule breakers beware!

People will have no choice but to respect your authority in the Women’s Police Shirt. Cuff ’em!

SAS ID: 38286

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