Women’s Plus Size Vampire Costume


Women’s Plus Size Vampire Costume

Sometimes your friends are a bit hard on you for being “old fashioned.” While they are busy dying their hair gray (will someone please explain this trend to us?), sketching their next tattoo, and thrifting for acid wash jeans (again), you tend to stick to what you know: worn in denim, your natural hair color, your favorite rock and roll. A classics gal, eh? We love it! To be honest, we grow weary of all the trendy costumes, too, from time to time. We sometimes long for the days where Halloween meant you were either a witch or wizard, a vampire, a ghost, or a mummy. OK, we can’t actually remember that ever being so simple a thing, but we bet it sounds nice to you, too. Well, you can’t go any more pure and simple on Halloween than to dress as a vampire. Trends be gone! But “traditional” doesn’t need to mean “boring.” This Women’s Plus Size Vampire Costume is so lovely, it’s legendary. It balances classic touches with eye-catching details. It’s essentially the Halloween equivalent of your favorite blue jeans–dependable and doted upon, loved because it earns it.And we do believe it will be love at first sight. The moment you feast your fangs on this iridescent red and black gown, you’ll know you’ve found your forever costume. The bodice laces up the front for a tantalizing look while the petticoat features an elastic waistband, so the costume will always be comfy. And once you secure the choker and catch up with the gang, we’re guessing the sight of you will silence them for a while. It will only be the finest blood for this vampiress! None of that raw, vegan, gluten-free trendy stuff!

The best thing about being a vampire this Halloween? Well, the sexy appeal that comes with it (obviously). Transform into a Halloween classic with this Womens Plus Size Vampire Costume. Available in 2X and 3X.

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