Women’s Plus Size Rainbow Brite Costume


Women’s Plus Size Rainbow Brite Costume

LET THOSE STAR SPARKLES SOAR!Sure, it has technically been one or two years since the 1980s and some of the delightful things that we had at our disposal at all times are now a part of a somewhat distant past. Bright colors everywhere you looked, even through your mirrored sunglasses. Leg warmers. Hair that basically invented new solar systems because of its size and the economic demand for hairspray. Leg warmers. Synthesizers and moon walks and … okay, mostly leg warmers.Those delightful ’80s qualities seem to be fading, despite our deep present love for it. What could be happening. It’s almost like it has been… stolen. What kind of lunatic would dare steal color and inspiration from the world!? Of course… we’ve seen this before. The villains that sought to steal way cheer and creativity, countered only by the might of the denizens of Rainbow Land. Perhaps that’s what’s happening! We need a hero to save us, once again!DESIGN & DETAILSFortunately, we all know just who to call and you’re the gal to save us and bring back our beloved pastels! Our team of ’80s-loving designers are more than happy to help and have all the star sparkles you’ll need with this officially licensed Rainbow Brite Costume. This exclusive look includes a bright blue knee-high dress lined in gleaming white fur with high foam shoulders and a star-spangled V-neck. We couldn’t possibly complete this look without rainbow leg warmers, so you know they’ll be there to warm your heart. Fingerless gloves and the rainbow belt have you ready to save us all with the power of your rainbow. Just get your hair on and we’re golden. FOR ALL THE COLOR CRYSTALS!Get ready to give the world the gift of vivid color when you slip into this exclusive look from a bygone era. This Rainbow Brite Costume will be the perfect way to bring a little rainbow cheer to the whole world around you.  

Become the Rainbow girl from the anime television series Rainbow Brite with this exclusive women’s plus size Rainbow Brite costume. Available in 1X, 2X and 3X.

SAS ID: 38286

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