Women’s Plus Size Police Shirt Costume


Women’s Plus Size Police Shirt Costume

Just in CrimeAre you in touch with your true crime stories? Do you wish you could patrol the streets, keeping an eye out for those people who just might be planning something rude? There are a lot of people to protect in this world and it’s up to the folks in blue to keep us out of harm’s way. If you’re on the true crime grind it can be hard to pull yourself out of a constant state of paranoia. Believe us, we’ve got plenty of podcasts in our queue. But in the meantime, give yourself an extra confident edge when you’re watching an extra disturbing episode of Forensic Files when you throw on this sleek, professional Policewoman look!Details & DesignOur in-house designers wanted to design a Police shirt that would be great for putting together a DIY police uniform. That’s where our button up Police tops come in! The look has a Police badge on one side and features a colorful law enforcement shield on the other. With a hip-length cut, you can tuck this look in with black pants or a pencil skirt or head out untucked and casual!Tale as old as CrimePeople have always been interested in crime dramas, this generation is nothing new! Keep the peace when you put together your law enforcement look. Add onto the shirt when you accessorize with the silver Police badge, a hat, a nightstick, or even a pair of handcuffs. How far you go with this outfit is up to you. While it works well for hitting the town, we won’t judge if you throw this on just to listen to your latest crime show when you’re home alone. Every true crime nerd needs a boost of courage every once in a while and we’re thinking this Police shirt is a great way to deal. Simply button up and keep the peace both publically and privately!

Walk a beat downtown in the Women’s Plus Size Police Shirt Costume. No one is going to question your authority this Halloween!

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