Women’s Plus Size Fearless Pirate Costume


Women’s Plus Size Fearless Pirate Costume

The Pride in PerilThe Pride of Paria has been sailing the Seven Seas for years. Landlubbers and pirates alike whisper about what the ship’s captain might be searching for. This ship has faced more danger in the last few years than any other vessel in the Caribbean. It’s ventured into the dark places on the map, you know the place where all those monsters are drawn onto the parchment? That’s a no-go for most pirates. But The Pride of Paria spent a good two weeks exploring every nook and cranny of those coves.They fought off scaly monsters, avoided the songs of sirens. They even had dinner with a group of cannibals! Lately, the Pride has been spotted anchored at the Spanish coast and we have to say, the captain seems pretty happy with herself. Rumor has it, she finally found what she was looking for. Speaking of, your search has probably come to an end as well. No need to sail into the sunset in search of the perfect pirate ensemble, it’s right in front of you!Details & DesignWhen you slip this Made by Us pirate costume on, you just might slip into an adventure as well! You can tell our in-house designers had a hand in the gorgeous jacket that’s featured in this costume. It has a scroll pattern up the side and a dramatic, pointed hemline, the jacket is cinched with a red sash at the waist and has a beautiful corset layered underneath. The look is topped off with a red scarf and a wide-brimmed captain’s hat. In Ship-Shape conditionNow that you’ve got the right costume, you should be ready to set sail. If you’re looking to tweak the look to perfection pair this with a pair of tall boots, a sword, and an adventurous attitude. When you’re looking so boss, one can blame you for commandeering the night. 

Whether or not you find a hidden treasure, you’re sure to look the part in this Plus Size Women’s Fearless Pirate Costume!

SAS ID: 38286

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