Women’s Plus Size Deluxe Queen of Hearts Costume


Women’s Plus Size Deluxe Queen of Hearts Costume

Full-Length, Full-HeartedSometimes people think the Queen of Hearts is so rude but we think she’s misunderstood. She’s a tough and powerful matriarch but everyone she rules over can’t seem to get it together. The flimsy cards are always fooling around, painting the roses or asking nonsensical questions. Imagine trying to rule over that crowd. She has fun where she can, putting together a strange game of croquette with flamingoes and hedgehogs. With all the pressure to rule over a place where whimsy and balderdash runs rampant, it’s no wonder why the queen of hearts is always losing her temper. Why wouldn’t she? She cares about her Wonderland! Sure, people talk about her executive decision making but they never talk about her flair for style! Time to set the record straight with an ensemble that will spread wonder to all the revelers around you. Product DetailsThis floor-length dress is stunning in black and red. Zipping up the back, the dress is easy to slip into. The satin skirt is accented with a panel of silky card-patterned material. Sparkly hearts make the top look like it’s straight out of a fairy tale while the lace collar is sure to make your look pop. The costume is topped with a charming golden crown so everyone will know you’re queen as soon as you enter the room!It’s No WonderNo need to worry about fading into the background when you’re wearing this look! The full-length ensemble will pop whether you’re attending a Wonderland themed event or you’re simply headed to a costume party. You could even choose to rock this regal look while ruling over a parade! No matter what you’re using this costume for, you can know you’ve made the right choice so there’s no need to lose your head over the decision making process!

You won’t look like an angry Queen wearing this Women’s Plus Size Deluxe Queen of Hearts Costume. But deep down we all know who the Queen of Hearts really is.

SAS ID: 38286

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