Women’s Plus Size Blushing Beauty Mermaid Costume


Women’s Plus Size Blushing Beauty Mermaid Costume

The Eat, Pearl, Love Podcast What would you do if you could explore the oceans without a care in the world? No need to pay for a cruise or pack a bag, all you’d need to do is dive in, travel, and enjoy. There’s so much to see! With a graceful sparkle, you could dive deep and explore places that no one has ever seen up close. From the ancient lost cities boasting richly carved temples, tiered pyramids, and titanic statues to steaming volcanic vents and bottomless canyons. The stories a well-traveled mermaid can tell could keep us in rapt attention for hours. In fact, if you do this deep dive we’d subscribe to your mermaid travel podcast in an instant! Just let us know when you’re on the air and we’ll be all ears!Product DetailsReady to start your underwater dreaming? This costume is a great place to start! It’s a lot of fun with a cheerful purple and pink color scheme. The iridescent skirt has a pretty scale pattern and flares into a dramatic fin to make your mermaid persona unmistakable. The top is structured with a pearly halter around the neck. The look is trimmed with sparkly flowers, a gold starfish, a shell, and pearls draping at the high-cut waist. Seafaring FantasiesAre you ready to turn the tides this Halloween? This mermaid costume really makes an impression. And you know what they say, dress for the job you want. So if you’re ready to be a beachy travel blogger, we feel like this is the right move! Perfect for beach themed parties as well as Halloween events, this costume is easy and gorgeous. All you need to do is pair this look with beachy waves and a sparkling smile and you’re ready to go. You better have your beach bag and passport ready just in case, we think we can hear the ocean calling your name!

The Mer-man won’t know what hit them when you swim by wearing this Women’s Blushing Beauty Mermaid Plus Size Costume! This beautiful mermaid costume dress features a metallic pink/purple tail with a jeweled sweetheart cut neckline!

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