Women’s Oasis Princess Costume


Women’s Oasis Princess Costume

Escaping the SandsTraveling through the desert landscape is never easy. Not only do you have to deal with the blazing sun and howling wind during the day but during the night you’ll be lucky to get warm even if you cuddle with your camel.  Just imagine, after days of wicked weather, water mirages, and endless sand getting stuck in your sandals, you finally see the glistening walls of a palace rising before you! Such a contrast waits behind those walls. Instead of drifting hills of beige and the hooting of wind in your ears, this town is full of sound, color, and flavor. Roasting meat sends rocks your senses with spicy flavor. A flute player charms a snake out of its basket (gross but as long as that snake stays away from you, it’s all good). And colors shout out from every canopy with fruits, textiles, and piles of spice. Oh, and there’s water. glorious, glorious water. The desert might not crack up to be that tantalizing but you could really get used to this oasis idea!Product DetailsYou’ll feel right at home in the palaces of the Oasis in this gorgeous blue ensemble! You’ll feel like belly dancing in the lightweight, front split harem pants with a shiny gold waistband. The crop top has gold details for a rich first impression. No need to worry about a wardrobe malfunction due to the off-the-shoulder sleeves, the top is held in place by sheer straps, giving you the confidence to strut your stuff through the bazaar and throne room alike!Dune It RightWhen it comes to dressing as an oasis princess, you don’t want to go halfway. After all, you only get so many chances to travel the world by flying carpet, you want those photos to look just right! So go ahead and pair this look with loud gold accessories and golden curved slippers. You’ll find that princess lifestyle is a whole new world just waiting for you!

Become the princess you are meant to be with this women’s oasis princess costume that features a teal and gold two piece outfit with exposed legs.

SAS ID: 38286

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