Womens Nude Opaque Pantyhose


Womens Nude Opaque Pantyhose

What can you wear these Women’s Nude Opaque Pantyhose with? Oh, we don’t know…we only carry about 5,000 costumes that would be perfect for them! Honestly, if you can’t find at least 100 ways to wear this pair, you are not using your imagination. This is the pair to wear under mini skirts, petticoats, character getups…basically any look that shows your legs. We’ve even taken the guess work out of sizing–they are one size fits most! Wear them with your next costume or rock them casually with your favorite skirt or shift dress. They are definitely a must-have item for your wardrobe any time of year, and honestly, you may want to grab two or three just so you always have a pair on hand. Now, show us those gams!

Is the length of your costume bothering you? Throw on a pair of Womens Nude Opaque Pantyhose and presto, problem solved. We can’t change the length of your costume but we can offer some extra protection.

SAS ID: 38286

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