Women’s Nefertiti Costume


Women’s Nefertiti Costume

Strengthening Your ThroneThinking about reinvigorating your rule as the head of your household? Not sure where to begin? We’ve got some tips and tricks for you! First things first, you need to do a little research. To become a better leader, look to the great rulers of history. Decide which ruler do you want to be like. Do you want to go old-school, medieval, or ancient? Next, decide if you will follow facts alone or if you want to embrace all the gossip and fact about your chosen ruler. Finally, make sure you look the part. Don the wardrobe of your chosen ruler and ensure your family always remembers who is in charge.If you’ve decided you want to go ancient and let both truth and mystery influence your reign, we recommend becoming Queen Nefertiti. This powerful Egyptian queen was rumored to hold the top seat after her husband, the Pharaoh, passed away during the wealthiest Egyptian dynasty. Hieroglyphics show Nefertiti being a support to the Pharaoh and then becoming the right-hand and co-regent before the Pharaoh’s death when Nefertiti took the top seat—she got to smite her own enemies! If you ask us, we think that’s a pretty cool legacy to adopt when it’s time to take control of your own empire.Product DetailsPlus, look at how this power-house woman dressed! Tall crowns, an imposing gown, gold detailing—Queen Nefertiti looked more goddess than human. With this Nefertiti Costume, you can take on the same elegant appearance as the Egyptian queen. Drop jaws in the gold-printed velvet dress and pleated hemline. With the collared golden cape, enter any room with a theatrical and intimidating flare. In this costume, there’s no way any of your subjects will question your royal decrees, especially with a rhinestone snake staring out from your tallest crown.All Hail the QueenBecome the ruler you’ve always wanted to be with this Nefertiti Costume. Lead the charge toward the best trick-or-treating. Move your entourage from one costume party to the next. And command the chores be completed before bed with the confidence and grace of an ancient Egyptian queen.

Steal the Halloween spotlight in the Women’s Nefertiti Costume!

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