Women’s Leopard Leotard Costume


Women’s Leopard Leotard Costume

Most Glamorous NapperThere are a lot of animals that are good at napping out there. The sloth is the most obvious, moving like they’re asleep even while they’re raging. The giant armadillo uses it’s hardshell exterior to it’s advantage, catching about eighteen hours of shut-eye away. And while squirrels sleep adorably and bats have a style all their own, no one sleeps as fashionably as a jungle cat. In between stalking the jungle floor and slinking through the thick brush, leopard really know how to relax with grace. Have you ever seen a leopard take a nap? Their spots fit in perfectly in the dappled jungle light. And like a house cat, they seem to be able to sleep in the most precarious places. They’ll doze of for hours, balancing on an old log over the water. Think you have the grace it takes to walk, talk, and doze like a leopard? You need a costume that’ll help you channel that laid-back glamor!Details & DesignThis leopard-print hooded bodysuit was designed by our in-house creative team. The gorgeous design has a deep thread-up V-neck, cold-shoulder cuts, and a sassy long tail. The hood has soft black-lined ears and black trim. Pair this high-quality costume with a cat-eye and you’ll be ready for the Halloween invites to roll in!Pounce on the PartyInvites aren’t that great until you have something that’s really exciting to wear. This costume is a whole lot of fun. Pair it with your pick of tights from our extensive collection to customize your look. And when the party is over and you’re ready to head home, you can rest easy knowing that if you want to sleep until noon, you’re simply staying in character. If a leopard can’t rock at a cat nap then who can?

Cat got your tongue? Dazzle as a jungle cat in our Women’s Leopard Leotard Costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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