Women’s Lederhosen Honey Costume


Women’s Lederhosen Honey Costume

Understanding the OompapaWhile the whole world might be out of touch with the wonder of Polka, we think the Oompa-Oompa of the accordion, tuba, and drums make the music almost irresistible. Just think about it, beer can’t be the only reason that Oktoberfest is so popular. You can get beer absolutely anywhere. But beer with an extra polka flair has to be extra tasty. The 2/4 music just makes you need to partner up and get your high-tempo waltz on. Close your eyes and you can almost hear it, right? Are you ready to get into the Oktoberfest attitude? This costume is an instant way to make you ready to step up and get into the beat. Product DetailsThis lederhosen costume is sure to be an instant hit for any Oktoberfest event! The short shorts have a high-waisted faux leather waistband that connects to the classic straps and flowered chest band that’ll take your costume from simple cute shorts to lederhosen. the straps cross in back, framing the adorable cropped peasant top. Pair this costume with knee-high socks, braids, and a polka-licious attitude and you’ll be ready to get your Prost on!Don’t Polka the BearOkay, when heading to a German festival you don’t actually have to love Polka. Most Oktoberfests play modern music. But here’s our festive PSA. Don’t object if someone gets out their tuba because you might get that soft pretzel slapped out of your hand. We’ve seen wilder things! This costume says that you’re here to have fun and while fun might mean cold and bubbly Pilsner it also includes a couple turns around the dance floor. Whether you’re wearing this ensemble to a Biergarten, a festival, or you simply want a Bavarian take on Halloween, you’re sure to like this look. And if you love it, be sure to give us a “Prost!” in our reviews!

Be a German bar maid in this Women’s Lederhosen Honey Costume. This costume features suspenders, ruffled top, and blue shorts.

SAS ID: 38286

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