Women’s Honey Bee Bodysuit Costume


Women’s Honey Bee Bodysuit Costume

Pollinator powerBees work hard. We all know that. There’s the good ol’ idiom “busy as a bee”. But their product is so awesome. All of them work together, making honey and pollinating plants. One little bee can travel up to fifteen miles per hour while carrying large loads of plant resin, pollen, and nectar for the hive. Okay, okay. So bees work hard. But do they work smart? Oh boy, let’s crack into it. Bees are great architects, they’re expert shortcut finders, and they even can recognize human faces. And that honey that they crank out? It not only has been used as medicine through the ages but its flavor is almost immortal. Archaeologists found three-thousand-year-old honey while excavating the pyramids and found that it was still super delicious! So this Halloween, we totally understand if you want to dress as a busy bee. In fact, we can’t think of a better beast to be!Product Details & DesignThe sweet honey bee costume is Made-By-Us, assuring you get a costume that’s both unique and durable. The bodysuit is mod with wide yellow and black stripes with a fur collar around the neck. The stinger ties around the waist and has a zipper on the underside so you can stow away your belongings on your night out. The attached wings tie to your wrists and can be flaunted as you fly around during a costume party. Top the whole thing off with the happy bee headband and you’ll be ready to start your busy, busy bee life!What the Buzz is aboutAre you ready to head out as the world’s smallest pollinating superhero? We think it’s about time we flaunt the awesome power of this little insect. This is a great costume for Earth Day celebrations, parades, and Halloween parties. Pair up with flowers and other bugs to make sure no one ever forgets your look. So spread your wings and spread the buzz. There’s nothing like landing the title queen bee title!

You will be as cute as can bee in this Women’s Honey Bee Bodysuit Costume! The stinger has a hidden zipper underneath to store all of your things so you can be hands free!

SAS ID: 38286

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