Women’s Hippie Poncho Costume


Women’s Hippie Poncho Costume

Only the Bestie for the FestieLet’s get something straight. Hippies might have invented the music festival but this generation is perfecting it. People can look back on Woodstock with rose-colored glasses that would look right at home on John Lennon’s face but they’re overlooking some major flaws. Yes, people looked awesome and the music was groundbreaking but the logistics were pretty messed up. For one, there was nowhere to get food and water. Secondly, there were hardly any bathrooms… can you imagine. A sea of people and nowhere to go. Yeah, it’s pretty lucky you can’t smell those black and white pictures. These days festivals have all the magic and all the organization as well. We get to dance and sway to our favorite music while also staying hydrated. How fantastic! At the same time, some people can feel a little out of touch with their Woodstock roots. Get back in touch without giving up basic human hygiene when you invest in this lovely tye dye poncho!Product DetailsYou’ll feel like the epitome of peace and love when you’re rocking this poncho. One size fits most, all you need to do is through it on over a tank and jeans and you’ll be good to go! This fringed get-up works wonders for a traveling costume as you can pair it with street clothes and rolls up without worrying about creases!Peace of CakeWant to take this look a step further? You’ll love the way it looks with long braids, aviator glasses, and moccasins. The best part is, you’ll get plenty of use out of it! And since it fits nice and loose, you’ll stay comfortable throughout the whole day. Perfect for decade themed events, music festivals, and costume parties, feeling the love doesn’t have to be sequestered to one day! 

Be the grooviest person at the party in this Women’s Hippie Poncho Costume. Get ready to hear, “That’s righteous” all night.

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