Women’s Goin’ Commando Army Costume


Women’s Goin’ Commando Army Costume

When one sees this amazing Women’s Goin Commando Army Costume, one might ask themselves, what exactly is going commando? Well to be brief, it is kicking butt and taking names! If you think you’ve got what it takes to go commando this Halloween then get your hands on this amazing army-themed outfit.Once you slip into this Commando Costume, you’ll look like you are part of an elite worldwide military force. You’ll be ready to rescue hostages, take down enemy regimes, and take care of any covert operations. Of course, it will be Halloween so maybe you should just take it easy and enjoy the festivities. Leave the AK back home and bring a pair of water guns or, our personal favorite, Nerf guns! As long as you grab a sassy pair of army boots to complement this outfit you’ll be ready to show everyone how army girls such as yourself like to party. Grab some fun accessories to add to this costume to kick the fun up a few notches. Grab one of our adult tactical helmets and a combat hero utility belt, and then get your war-face on with an army combat makeup kit. You’ll look like the ultimate weekend warrior this Halloween!So, now that you know what ‘going commando’ entails, get your hands on this awesome Women’s Army Costume and a handful of accessories. Show everyone how to have some serious fun, after you tighten your harness and bust through the doors into the party scene.

Sometimes she doesn’t like to wear anything under her uniform! This Goin’ Commando Adult Costume is perfect for naughty soldiers.

SAS ID: 38286

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