Womens Glamour Muerta Day of the Dead Costume


Womens Glamour Muerta Day of the Dead Costume

Glamour in the GraveyardSometimes we think of the dead as being painted in black and white. But what do we know? Who knows what it’s like beyond the veil? It’s a mystery and mysteries are never in black and white. Think about the mysteries of the ocean. The hollows and tunnels of the reefs under the ocean are bright with color and busy with creatures. Why can’t the lives of ghosts be a little like that? We can imagine a dignified and beautiful world full of waltzing spirits and celebrating ghosts, it might even feel like a bit of a holiday.That’s the feeling when it comes to Day of the Dead. When the spirits come to visit the people they left behind they aren’t showing up to moan and shake their chains. They’re coming to eat, drink, and be merry with the people they love. This Dia de Los Muertos don’t worry about keeping with a black and white, somber theme. Do the dead justice and get glamorous with this gorgeous ensemble!Product DetailsThis fitted gown is covered with black and silver sequins with an iridescent sheen. The dress flares into a mermaid cut. A ruffled train falls behind to make your entrance amazing. Matching ruffles make up the neckline and sleeves. Bright red halter ties behind your neck to make sure your dress secure even as you dance through the night!Dead and DazzlingWant to join in on the dance of the dead? Pair this look with colorful sugar skull makeup and flowers in your hair and you’ll be ready to dazzle any gathering on both sides of the veil. You don’t have to dance alone. Find a dapper costume for your partner when you scroll through our Day of the Dead costume catalog. With flashy, colorful styles, dead has never looked better!

Bring the Day of the Dead to life when you wear this Women’s Glamour Muerta Day of the Dead Costume! This form fitting dress features a skeleton print and red floral accents!

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