Women’s Fierce Lion Costume


Women’s Fierce Lion Costume

Queen of the JungleSome king of the jungle! Did you know that most male lions don’t even hunt? They just spend most their day laying around, soaking up the sun while the female lions chase down dinner for him.Nuts to that! Aside from that having a mane, they really don’t do much to hold that title of king. It’s time to kick that lazy bum of a cat out on his butt. If he wants people to call him the “king of the jungle,” then he’d better do something earn that title. Yeah, it’s time for some new leadership in the pride. We nominate someone who’s already a master hunter! We nominate a fierce female lion to become the new queen.Design & DetailsPerhaps you have what it takes to take the role of the Queen of the Jungle! With this Women’s Fierce Lion Costume you can have your chance. This costume was created by our in-house costume designers and they went to great lengths to add that fierce look that any aspiring queen must have! The costume comes with a tan, form-fitting jumpsuit that has patches of faux fur at the cuffs. It also has a ring of faux fur around the shoulders to create the look of a lion’s mane. The back comes with an attached tail. The costume also comes with a cat-ear headband, which adds a simple, yet cute, finishing touch to the whole look. Once you have the costume on, you can oust that lazy king and become the brand new leader of the pride.Commanding Kitty CatIf you’re looking to slide into the role of the new queen of the pride, then this fierce costume is just the thing you need! With a form fit, faux fur, and a cat headband, you’ll definitely have a commanding presence!

Be the queen of the jungle in our Fierce Lion Women’s Costume. This costume features a brown and tan body suit with fur accents and a tail. Ears complete the look.

SAS ID: 38286

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