Womens Fearless Pirate Costume


Womens Fearless Pirate Costume

Port Party, Ahoy! Silver Tooth Sadie had a reputation. She ran what they call a “tight ship”. Her crew was always mopping the deck. Her ship cats were always fat, sleek, and shiny cause they kept the rats under control. And when it came to taking on other ships, they went in with a polished, foolproof plan. But there was another side to Sadie. When they rolled up to port, Silver Tooth Sadie’s ship was always noticed. Once the anchor was in place she’d sally down from the crow’s nest and tell the boatswain to break out the accordion. The crew could be heard cheering from across the harbor. Because while Sadie might be all work and no play while working hard on the open seas, she knew how to have a whole lot of fun when it was time to relax. Maybe you don’t know this but there ain’t no party like a pirate party!Design & DetailsThis fearless look features a gorgeous jacket and a flowery corset with bright accents and a classic pirate hat. The jacket has a beautiful scrolling pattern along the waist and detailed sleeves with wide cuffs. The corset and jacket are complemented with a dark red sash. Top off the look with a red scarf and a wide-brimmed hat that’s sure to give you captain-level authority. Ship, Shape ConditionThe high quality of this sleek costume is sure to make an impression as soon as you enter the room. Pair this with a tall pair of boots and leggings and you’ll be ready to set sail. In fact, any other pirates at the party might snap to attention, ready to swab the deck or climb to the crow’s nest to look out for land. Just remember that it’s time to let your scallywag shindig side loose.

Call out “scrub the deck!” and watch people follow your order! This exclusive Women’s Fearless Pirate Costume will lead to to hidden treasures all night long!

SAS ID: 38286

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