Women’s Fairytale Witch Costume


Women’s Fairytale Witch Costume

Every Witch WayLife can be a crazy ride. You never really know where it’s going to take you, especially if you end up following your dreams. Like one second, you’re learning your ABCs in elementary school and the next, you’re crafting dangerous potions in your secret lair! Hold on a minute… are you telling us that you don’t bubble up some nefarious concoctions in your cauldron? Well, if you ever had dreams of being a witch when you were younger, it seems like it’s about time to start pursuing that lifelong dream of slinging spells like some kind of evil mastermind.This Women’s Fairytale Witch Costume is the perfect outfit to wear while you pursue the witchy ways of being a sorceress. There’s really no reason to put that dream of learning magic on the backburner when this outfit is basically calling your name!Design & DetailsOur costume designers took special care when crafting this spellbound outfit! The costume combines the classic witch look from those ominous fairytale stories of old with a modern fit. That makes it a great choice for Halloween or any spooky costume party you might be headed to. It comes with a green tank-style top and matching leggings. The long jacket is pitch black, in true witch style. It also has long sleeves and silver-tone buttons down the front. Finally, the witch hat puts the final touch to the whole look. It has the cone-shaped style required to be a true witch!Spell It Out For ‘EmUnfortunately, we don’t know much about casting magical spells. We do, however, know all about crafting costumes! If you can learn a few spells, then we can help you get into the role of a witch when you wear this exclusive costume.

The Classic Women’s Fairytale Witch Costume!

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