Women’s Fairest Princess Plus Costume


Women’s Fairest Princess Plus Costume

The Royal RivalryIt’s hard to realize that you’re no longer the fairest in the land. It’s also hard to realize that because you’re now the fairest in the land, you’re now going to have to fight the most powerful lady in the kingdom. But that wimple wearing queen asked for it so what can you do.You pretend to fall for her tricks while recruiting her allies. That woodsman? You didn’t have to even try. Those little guys in the woods? Under your thumb in a second. And when she came at you with poison all you had to do was take a little bite and pretend to take a nap. That apple didn’t even give you a headache. Come on, that lady was supposed to be a wicked monarch! Weak. In the meantime, your little friends built you a crystal coffin to nap in until a handsome prince came along and tried to “wake you up” with a kiss. You were already awake and ready for your royal triumph. The look on her face when you came trotting into the kingdom alive and well with a royal husband to boot was priceless. Honestly, it was worth the wicked hassle! Product DetailsThis colorful costume is a fun, modern twist on a classic storybook look. The blue bodice has a subtle sweetheart neckline with a sheer, sparkly collar. You’ll love the little puffed sleeves and peplum waist. The bright yellow skirt has plenty of twirl factor, you won’t be able to help dancing and posing as you flee into the forest. No wonder why those birdies love you so much!Happily Ever AfterMake this costume unforgettable with the right accessories. From an apple purse to a short black curly hairdo, your gorgeous look is sure to set you up for a Halloween with a happy ending.  

You’re going to look stunning on Halloween night in the Women’s Fairest Princess Plus Costume.

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