Women’s Empress Divine Plus Size Costume


Women’s Empress Divine Plus Size Costume

Egyptian EgoLeaders of the Ancient Egyptian world really know how to influence people for centuries on end. You might even say Egyptian rulers were the original social media influencers. Just look at all the temples and statues that are still standing today. The Colossi of Memnon are towering at 60 feet high, promoting the king Amenhotep III. Hapshepsut’s Temple has been a gorgeous landmark since 1458 BCE. Can you imagine if someone’s social media account lasted half that long? That would be seriously impressive. While you might have trouble finding an artist to carve a 6o foot portrait of your gorgeous face before Halloween, we’re sure you’ll be an influential ruler when you’re rocking this Empress Divine costume!Product DetailsThis gorgeous look is just the right blend of ancient and modern. The halter dress has a plunging neckline that would look just right on an Egyptian mosaic. The winged neckpiece looks iconic with a black, gold, and turquoise color scheme. It has a gold trim throughout including the Ankh panel in the front. The skirt has an asymmetric hemline, longer in back, to make your entrance graceful. The look is topped with a black gauze cape that attaches to soft golden gauntlets to make every gesture rather dramatic. The Sands of TimeDo you want to make sure you’ve got a Halloween costume that’ll remain gorgeous through the decades? Cause there’s no way Egyptian looks are ever going to go out of style after thousands of years! With a lovely black dress and gold accents, you’ll treasure pictures taken in this costume. Polish off the looks with golden sandals, a lovely Egyptian hairstyle, and other golden accessories to make sure you look every inch the Empress. Maybe you’ll convince that artist to carve your likeness out of a sixty-foot slab of marble after all!

There is no one who knows how to rule better than you, so why not wear a costume that reflects your divine personality?! Get this Women’s Empress Divine Plus Size Costume and rule like a true Egyptian goddess.

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