Women’s Eerie Plague Doctor Costume


Women’s Eerie Plague Doctor Costume

Hey, Where’d you put that hand sanitizer?There have been a lot of tough jobs throughout history. We won’t get into the details but history’s professions get pretty grim pretty quickly. If you’ve followed the history of plumbing at all, you can probably name one or two professions that you would never want. But the plague doctor is on the upper crust of professions that make us glad we work office jobs. You see, though the plague doctor might have been educated and well dressed, they had to get up close and personal with, well, the plague. They’d be the first on the scene during a new outbreak. The first to witness the horrible symptoms. And often, they’d be next in line to come down with the disease. Because all they had to protect themselves was their statement mask, a beak full of pungent herbs to keep them from inhaling the “miasma” or the bad air that they believed caused the disease. Never mind that their ankles were getting bitten by the culprits, the nefarious flee.Details & DesignTo create this macabre look, our in-house designers took the ominous fashions of the plague doctors in the 1400s and updated them. The lovely bodysuit is fitted with a lace-up deep v-neck collar line. A wet-look capelet is attached, layered over a graceful black cape. Matching black gloves fit past the elbows while the look is topped off with the faux leather mask with red-tinted eyes. This mysterious Made by Us look is a brand-new take on the infamous plague doctor. Perilous PairingsAre you looking for a way to appreciate our modern medical care? What better way to celebrate than donning the pharmaceutical ensembles of the past! Top this costume off with a doctor’s staff, a dramatic pair of tights from our collection, and an attitude of authority and you’ll be ready to haunt the streets on which plague victims once begged for help!

Eeeek! That doctor is a little creepy…. Oh, wait, it’s you…. in this Eerie Women’s Plague Doctor Costume.

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