Women’s Dragon Ninja Costume


Women’s Dragon Ninja Costume

Want to join the ranks of the most elite mercenaries in the world? Well, that would obviously be the legendary shinobi and if you’re planning on mixing it up with warriors of their caliber then you’re going to need the right duds. Don’t worry about traveling back to the time where the ninja reigned supreme, in order to portray the shinobi’s deadly style. We have exactly what you need, just take a look at this Women’s Dragon Ninja Costume!Once you slip into this fierce red/black long-sleeved romper, you will look like the deadliest woman walking around the party scene. Secure the belt around your waist and show off the frightening dragon print. Every foe you face will run for the hills when they see that you were trained in the way of the dragon. The stylish arm and leg ties attached to the romper will make you look even more intimidating when you strut around the party scene. The last piece of this costume is the fabric mask that covers the bottom of your face. It will up your stealth and make you the most lethal warrior walking the streets this Halloween.Now all you need to do is add an awesome pair of combat boots to your attire and this amazing Women’s Dragon Ninja Costume is complete. Make sure you also take a look through the vast collection of weapons we have in stock. Pick out the perfect arsenal and you’ll be ready for any mission this Halloween!

This Women’s Dragon Ninja Costume lets you use your lethal cuteness to subdue your enemies. (Or you can just ninja kick your opponents!)

SAS ID: 38286

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