Women’s Dazzling Silver Flapper Costume


Women’s Dazzling Silver Flapper Costume

The house lights go down. A spotlight circles to the center of the stage. The curtains rustle in front of the brick wall. The brass band to the side of the stage shuffles in their seats, getting ready. The noise in the club quiets down as a man in a dark suit and fedora enters the stage and, leaning over the microphone says, “Ladies and gentlemen, welcome for her debut, the marvelous Miss Silver!” The crowd roars as you step on stage, all shimmer and seduction. It’s easy to imagine yourself as a twenties jazz star when you slip into this stunning silver flapper ensemble. The layers of metallic silver fringe would catch the stage lights and dazzle onlookers. In fact, the crowd would probably be impressed whether the song was good or not. You couldn’t ask for more razzle dazzle when you pair the dress with the choker and the sequined headband with towering ostrich feather. As you’re channeling your 1920’s diva there’s no better way to go than with all the sparkle and drama that was so true to the 20’s. They didn’t call it the Golden age for nothing. It doesn’t matter whether you are going to a costume party, having a themed night out with the girls, or stepping into a time machine to make your debut in a real speakeasy, you’ll be glad that you went all out in this dazzling silver flapper costume. In this costume, your debut is sure to be a success.

You want to dazzle ’em? Sure you do! There’s no better way than our Women’s Dazzling Silver Flapper Dress, see? It’s got plenty of shimmer, see?

SAS ID: 38286

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