Women’s Dazzling Ringmaster Costume


Women’s Dazzling Ringmaster Costume

License to be ExtraDo you know how to make an entrance? Are you well known for your over-the-top reactions? Sometimes this can be a little out of place. When you’re simply grocery shopping, you can’t be booming about the fantastic nature of your chosen watermelon. Well, you can boom about anything you want but you just might get a little side-eye. But Halloween is your time to shine and react as dramatically as you want. You’re excited about this show we call life. Let your extra side shine when you throw on this ringmaster outfit. Dramatic? Yes. But someone needs to add some pizzaz to this Halloween show!Product DetailsThis ringmaster costume has a fantastic blend of rich textures and colors. It looks right at home under the spotlight of the big top. This dress has a velvet-textured jacket that’s trimmed in gold and attached to a black sequin skirt and checkered top. The scalloped hemline, neckline, and the shoulders are all trimmed in gold tassels. While we don’t want to rank our favorite parts, we have to say the cape is extra glamorous! It’s trimmed in soft gold fabric and covered in sequins. And of course, the look is polished off with a top hat that’s trimmed in a sequin band. The hat is collapsible to make storing this costume a breeze so you can keep this look in your costume collection and wear it again!On with the Show!Are you ready for your debut? Now that you’ve got all the sequins, tassels, and a show-stopping hat, we’re sure you are! You’ll want to run the Halloween show by challenging your costumed friends to circus-like tasks or announcing characters as they enter any costumed event. Over the top? Ummm, of course! You run this show!

Dazzle the crowd with the Women’s Dazzling Ringmaster Costume. You are bound to be the star of the show at every event.

SAS ID: 38286

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