Women’s Darling Deer Costume


Women’s Darling Deer Costume

Friend of the ForestYou tend to spend a LOT of time in the woods. You love to hike the tree-covered hills on Saturday, help with reforestation projects on Sundays, and, oh yeah, you also work for the park service Monday through Friday! So, you have got a thing for the whole woodsy appeal—the way the light filters through the pines before sunset, the scent of campfires in the air, the sound of a forest stream after a rain, the feel of moss and rocks under your boots. And the wildlife! That’s the best part. The squirrels, birds, bears, butterflies and—your personal favorite—the deer! Well, good news: you don’t have to leave the woods behind to celebrate Halloween. You can just deck yourself out in this Women’s Darling Deer Costume and prance through the concrete jungle. You’ll feel graceful, majestic, and right at home in this forest-inspired costume. But make sure you’re properly prepared to freeze in place and sprint away from loud noises—the streets can get rowdy on Halloween night!Product DetailsThis is a cool costume that’s perfect for any nature-lover! The tawny jumpsuit has a back zipper for easy wear, as well as faux-fur edging, long sleeves, and a chic off-the-shoulder neckline. You’ll get the cute furry deer ears and stuffed antlers (both sewn onto a headband) to ensure you’re recognizable to your forest friends. Grab some buddies to dress as a squirrel, raccoon, or cardinal and complete a woodsy theme perfect for the season!Near and DeerHalloween can be a time to step out of your comfort zone, or it can be a time to lean into what you love! Take your forest fixation to the next level with this adorable costume. It’ll give you a whole new perspective on the place you feel most at home.

This is a Women’s Darling Deer Costume that features a close fitting jumpsuit with faux fur edging and an antler and deer ear headband.

SAS ID: 38286

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