Women’s Curly Ombre Burgundy Wig


Women’s Curly Ombre Burgundy Wig

Burgundy BeautyIt’s amazingly hard to create Hollywood hair. There are hair masks, deep conditioners, and professional hairstylists who devote 8 hours a day to making their clients look like perfectly touseled models. So when you’re putting together an ensemble in which you want to look a perfectly picturesque heroine, a wig can go a long way. And an especially elegant wig can be worn for so many lovely characters! Slip into this wig and you’ll find yourself able to slip into all sorts of characters.Product DetailsThis curly wig is rich with color. Black brightens at the ends in a lovely shade of red. Enjoy the bounce of the curls for all sorts of costuming options!To Fashion a FlapperAre you ready for a cast of characters? Whether you’re looking to pair this with a flapper dress for the perfect Speakeasy look or you simply want a wild touch for a wicked witch costume. This shoulder-length wig stands out enough to change your style completely while remaining neutral enough to let you take on a new character or simply throw it on for a lark! It’s amazing how much more fun you can have when you add a little bounce to your step. 

Complete the look with this Women’s Curly Ombre Burgundy Wig!

SAS ID: 38286

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