Women’s Creepy Clown Costume


Women’s Creepy Clown Costume

Funny GirlDon’t Tell me not to clownJust sit and watch me Life’s popcorn and the sunis cotton candyDon’t bring around a cloud to rain on my parade!There are many types of “funny” out there. There is the knock-knock pun-filled brand that is popular with dads and grandpas everywhere. Then there are the stand-up comedians that are so popular these days, standing under bright lights to philosophize about the last giant sandwich they ate or how much rent is in New York. But nothing compares to the art of clowning. Maybe that’s because of the balloon animals, their bright red horns, or juggling acts. Then again, maybe their comedy is so memorable cause the clown’s brand of funny is just a little frightening! They just make you wonder, no one who smiles that much can be that happy. Product DetailsThe creams and grays of this costume make it look timeless. The back zippered dress has a cute, flouncy skirt. The dress waist has red satin trim. The top is wild with red poufs up the front and puffed sleeves layered over the striped sleeves. The dress is topped with a ruffle around the neck and lace overlay on top. Barrel of LaughsWhen you’re heading out as a clown, your night will be full of plenty of giggles. Sure they might be nervous giggles but a laugh is a laugh. Make this look unforgettable by choosing a curly clown wig from our collection, wild leggings, and classic clown makeup. You could even shake things up with a handful of black and white balloons. In our opinion, no party is complete without a clown. And when it’s a Halloween party, that clown better have a dark twist. So practice your balloon animal vultures and card tricks, this Halloween is sure to be a laugh!

Put a scary twist on your clown costume this Halloween with this women’s creepy clown costume that features a white and gray dress with conflicting striped and red pom poms.

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