Women’s Cozy Cheshire Cat Costume


Women’s Cozy Cheshire Cat Costume

A normal cat’s life seems rather mundane. They spend most of their time chasing bugs around the house, napping in the best sunbeam spots and playing with balls of yarn. Actually, that sounds like the best life ever, which makes sense why so many people want to dress up like cats all the time. Nap, play with yarn, eat bugs, what more is there? (Okay that bugs thing sounds terrible). As adorable as all that is, the Cheshire Cat yearns for more, which is why he spends his time disappearing from plain sight or playing tricks on Alice. Which type of kitty cat would you like to be? One that spends all day laying around, or one who gets into some whimsical adventures through the looking glass? Probably laying around, but eventually that gets boring… probably…This Women’s Cozy Cheshire Cat Costume is for the kind of girl who’s ready to jump into some extravagant escapades with Alice, the Mad Hatter and all of their friends! The costume has a bright pink and purple color scheme, along with a comfy zip-up hoodie style, so you can transform into the Lewis Carroll character in the matter of moments. The tail and ears give off a mischievous look that will have everyone guess where you might be disappearing to. And you can waggle your tail to remind everyone how mischievous you are. Of course, you’d better practice your Cheshire smile before zipping up in this adorable costume, since everyone will be expecting that signature grin!

This Women’s Cozy Cheshire Cat Costume is a playful look that will be loved by Alice in Wonderland fans.

SAS ID: 38286

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