Women’s Court Jester Cutie Costume


Women’s Court Jester Cutie Costume

Okay, you’re the new jester in court, so you need to learn what you’re doing. First up: make the king laugh. Yes, this guy orders a lot of heads chopped off so it’s better for everyone if he’s kept in a good mood as much as possible. And a word of warning: no slipping on banana peels. The last jester did that so often that the king got bored and… Well, just don’t do that bit.Maybe you noticed that your jester costume is just a bit sexy, right? Well, there’s a reason for that. If you run of royal laughter material you can fall back on your looks. Yes, other jesters might call that cheating but at least you aren’t telling the joke about the horse in the bar for the hundredth time (looking at you, Roger). Plus, this fancy ensemble fits into the courtly look with sparkly accents and satin fabric. The mini skirt has an elastic waist that’ll work in your favor as you cartwheel across the room, a tricky act in the close-fitting corset but that’s why you’re on your way to top jester. You’ll even get one of those collars that are all the rage in court. Way to set a trend! Simply pair your uniform with a wild wig and jester socks to make your look complete. We have to say, welcome aboard. Don’t worry, you’ll do great! Just have some fun and make some laughs! And if you can’t, well… it’s nothing to lose your head over, right? Besides, we have a great benefits plan, and that sexy jester costume will mean you’ll always have everyone’s attention in the royal court. You’ll be the king’s favorite in no time!

Turn into a trickster while you wear this Women’s Court Jester Cutie Costume! It’s perfect if you’re looking for a unique costume.

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