Womens Cotton Club Cutie Costume


Womens Cotton Club Cutie Costume

Someone get this girl a sloe gin fizz, and make it snappy! In life, you’re a master mixologist, specializing in rare cocktails of a bygone era. So why not find a look that pays homage to the decadence of the past? Wear this little number while sauntering into the speakeasy vibes you’ve created in your living room for this year’s party. There’s jazz pouring out of the windows, there are folks frolicking in coattails and pearls and feathers, galore. Stroll up to the bar and let someone else serve you for a change. Perhaps you’d like a French 75 or a simple champagne cocktail to accompany this striking Womens Cotton Club Cutie costume. Look at you, a dolled-up hotsy-totsy, feeling like the bees knees. We can’t blame you; this is our top of the line flapper themed costume that promises to play up your most feminine features. Don’t you just love how the dangling fringe feels as you amaze your pals with your Charleston? Do the hints of intricate black lace throughout the bodice remind you to slow down, sip luxuriously, and enjoy the finer things?You’ve created quite a happening joint here at home, and within no time, the mix of classic cocktails and this chic, classy costume will have everyone believing that you’re the ant’s pants, straight out of the age of Jazz, and you know, that’s something to say “cheers” to!

Step out in 20’s Flapper style in this Womens Cotton Club Cutie costume.

SAS ID: 38286

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